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FRC 24S 300A high voltage powerful ESC for heavy lift drone

FRC 24S 300A high voltage powerful ESC for heavy lift drone

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  • This brushless ESC uses advanced algorithms to precisely control the commutation of the brushless motor, and achieves reliable high-voltage drive by using professional industrial-grade brushless motor drive chips

  • Voltage input range :DC50-100V Max DC100V

    Battery cells: 12-24S

    300A version is max current and rated current is 240A, Please ensure that the heat dissipation and ventilation conditions are good, the case temperature is below 80 degrees, which is normal temperature, and the peak current is 300A, 15 seconds

    Control signal standard:

    Compatible with model airplane remote control cycle is 50Hz, high level time is 1000-2000us command, the highest input frequency is 400Hz,. Note: The maximum input pulse width must be below 2050us

    The remote control input signal position is isolated from the power supply position, and remote control signals is transmitted internally through optocoupler isolation. The red line of the remote control line must be provided with 5-8v power supply by the receiver or flight control.
    Calibrate the throttle range, same as normal ESC: before the power supply, first enter
    the maximum value of RC signal, then power on, ESC will produces a series of sounds;
    when sounds stop, enter minimum value of RC signal, ESC will produces a series of
    sounds again; after sounds stop, power off. Then ESC can be used once power on. Refer
    to details of instruction

Factory environment

Free RC Hobby is a company founded in2012 China, specializing in thedesign and manufacturing of brushless DC
motors, ESCs, and propellers.

24S 300A ESC use

Mainly used in electric scooter

Drones and VTOL drone

The scope of application of the company motor

It is widely used in hydrofoil surfboard, electric skateboard bicycle powered paraglider, multi-rotor UAV, fixed-wing robot, electric tool, etc.

Transportation channels

Have USP, FedEX , DHL, TNT, UP SIn different ways.

Company certificate display

We strive to satisfy your needs as they define them and achieve
their expectations while delivering value. This is accomplished by
implementing thehighest industry standards to coordinate and direct