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FRC 24S 200A high voltage powerful ESC for heavy lift drone paramotor paraglider airboat ect

FRC 24S 200A high voltage powerful ESC for heavy lift drone paramotor paraglider airboat ect

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This brushless ESC uses advanced algorithms to precisely control the commutation of

the brushless motor. By using professional industrial-grade brushless

The machine-driven drive chip realizes reliable high-voltage drive.

The main parameters:

One input voltage range

DC50-100V, maximum input power supply voltage: Dc100v

Corresponding number of lithium batteries: 12-24S

  1. Working current:

The 200A model has a continuous continuous working current of 150A, please ensure

that the cooling and ventilation conditions are good, and the case temperature is 80

Below is normal temperature, peak current 200A, 10 seconds

  1. Control signal standard:
  2. Compatible with model airplane remote controller, cycle is 50Hz, high level time is

1000—2000us command, the highest input The frequency can reach 400Hz, Note:

The maximum input pulse width must be below 2050u5.

  1. The remote control input signal ground is isolated from the power supply ground,

and the remote control signal is transmitted internally through optocoupler isolation.

The red line in the middle of the line must be supplied by the receiver or flight

controller with 5-8V power supply

  1. The throttle stroke can be calibrated, the same as the general ESC calibration

method: input the remote control before powering on the power supply When the

signal is at its maximum value, turn on the power supply, the ESC will emit a series

of sounds. When the sound stops, input the remote control When the control signal is

at the minimum value, the ESC will emit a series of sounds. After the sound stops, disconnect the power supply and turn it on again. can. Detailed reference (Note 7)


  1. Electrical timing of ESC:

In order to adapt to most multi-pole brushless motors, the electrical timing of the ESC

is set to 15°

Freda model Tan Sheng Mark:

Five, the protection mechanism of the ESC:

  1. Low throttle detection when power on
  2. Over-temperature protection: When the temperature of the ESC reaches 115

degrees, the ESC will automatically reduce the output power, and it is turned off.


  1. Locked-rotor protection: When the motor or load is blocked, the ESC will

automatically stop output

  1. Loss of remote control signal protection. When the remote control signal is

disconnected, the ESC will automatically slow down the output,

Without brakes, free parking5. Waterproof function: the existing all-metal version does not have IP67 waterproof

design, customers who have waterproof requirements

Can be customized, the product can be rainproof, not waterproof

  1. Compatibility:

This brushless ESC is compatible with almost all brushless DC motors for

multi-rotors. If there is a compatibility problem,

Can be debugged for customer motors

Seven, pronunciation explanation:

7.1 Examples of pronunciation:

Highest green

Lowest green

7.2 Pronunciation in normal use: (Ensure low throttle position when powering on)

If you need to recalibrate the throttle, follow the steps below


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