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FRC 400V 100A high voltage powerful ESC for heavy lift drone paramotor paraglider airboat ect

FRC 400V 100A high voltage powerful ESC for heavy lift drone paramotor paraglider airboat ect

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ESC  Parameter:

Model: UF100 v2                                                                                          BEC: 5V/300MA output
PWM Input Signal Voltage: 3.3V/5V(compatible)
Online Update: not available
Throttle Loss Protection: available
Phase Short Circuit Protection: available
Size(L*W*H): 179.0*99.6*66.0mm
Power Line: 10AWG
Continuous Current: 100A (under good cooling conditions)
Instant Current: 100A
Voltage Protection: available
Temperature Protection: available
Speed Signal Output: available
Weight(without lines): 986g
Working Environmental Temperature: -20~65C
Throttle Pulse Width:default 1050us-1940us, throttle adiustment is available
 Battery Section: 48-96S
Compatible Signal Frequency: 50-500Hz
Stall Protection: available
Error Signal Output: available                                          Motor temperature detection: available Protection Grade: IPX4
Communication interface: CAN
Motor Line: 10AWG

Protection Function:
Short Circuit Protection                                                                                                                 Short circuit protection is triggered when the ESC detects a short circuit. ESC will power off, and willrework after trouble shooting and powering again.
Stalling ProtectionMotor stall will trigger stalling protection. ESC will resume after making throttle zero and powering again.Voltage Protection
Once checking voltage is less than 158V or more than 427V, ESC will alarm and wil not start up motorBut it will be out of effect during flying.

Temperature Protection
       During flight, if the temperature of the ESC is higher than 125°C, it will generate a fault signal and startreducing the output power to 50% of the maximum value. lf the temperature continues to rise to 140°Cthe ESC will turn off the outout, and the normal outout will not be restored until the throttle setting isreset to zero. When the temperature drops to 80°C, the output power of the ESC starts to rise to themaximum value.

Throttle Loss Protection
      When the detected throttle sianal is lost for more than 2 seconds, the ESC will automatically shut downAfter the throttle signal is restored, the ESC will work again.   

Start Protection
     if the throttle is accelerated for 10 seconds but the motor fails to start. the ESC will turn off the outout. lnthis case, you need to reset the throttle to zero,and then accelerate the throttle to return to normal.

Throttle Stroke Setting
     First to connect motor with ESC, then to power on & adjust throttle to top, you will hear sound of Beep-Beep for two times. Then adjust the throttle to lowest, you will hear a sound of Do-Mi-So, that means the throttle stroke has been set successfully

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